A World-leading Animal Health Company

Merial, a notable player in the field of animal healthcare, has been a key contributor to the well-being of animals since its establishment. With a focus on veterinary pharmaceuticals and vaccines, Merial has played a crucial role in advancing the health and care of pets and livestock globally. As a subsidiary of Boehringer Ingelheim since 2017, Merial's legacy endures through its commitment to innovative solutions for the welfare of animals.

The challenge

Merial is a world-leading animal health company. They are a forward-looking company with a proven track record, producing pharmaceutical products and vaccines for livestock, pets and wildlife. As a result, Merial must promote their products to vet clinics all over the world. They have discovered that P.O.P. can be a very successful vehicle to build awareness of new products and services. With over 15,000 active vet clinics in the U.S. alone, Merial requires a partner who can pull all of the pieces of a promotion together.  

The solution

In 2004, All Points was tapped to help Merial role out various P.O.P. Merial was looking for a new advertising vehicle and they had never utilized P.O.P. in the past. All Points was asked to assist in Project Management and the coordination of all print, development of specific kit configurations, packing the kits and distribution to thousands of locations. Merial was launching a flower pot promotion which required the integration of a plastic flower pot into a counter card. All Points stepped up and worked hand and hand with Merial’s agency to develop a prototype and a finalize all of the structural designs of this piece.

The result

All Points oversaw all of the print which included die cut counter cards with lug on pockets, various collateral material, and over 2.5 million scratch off cards. All of the materials were then kit packed into 10,000 kits and distributed to various vet clinics. All Points made sure that the structural design of the box would allow the plastic pot to ship safely, but not get cracked. The promotion was a huge success and Merial continues as a client today.

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