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Top 10 U.S. Bank is one of the nation’s largest financial holding companies. Through its banking subsidiaries, the company provides deposit, credit, trust and investment services to a broad range of retail, business and institutional clients. The company operates 1,800 retail branches throughout the South.

The challenge

Over a number of years, Top 10 U.S. Bank aggressively pursued market share growth through a series of acquisitions. This resulted in many different branch fixture configurations to support marketing POP materials and overall brand messaging. Some branches were large, some small but almost all of them had a different look and feel. Yet as soon as an acquisition was completed, the new bank branches had to reflect a consistent Top 10 U.S. Bank brand message.

Since Top 10 U.S. Bank did not have an accurate picture of the POP hardware in each branch, POP print quantities had to cover any hardware type for every branch, causing high print overrun costs. For example, a branch in Miami would receive a 28 x 42 poster, when their fixtures were 22 x 28. The branch would call the Top 10 U.S. Bank marketing department to order the correct material. Duplicate this scenario over thousands of branches and quarterly updates and you can understand why shipping charges continued to rise and the marketing department fielded 300 to 400 calls per month.

Print overrun costs were in excess of 30% of the total print budget. The marketing department acted as a call center, diverting attention from critical business programs. Frustration levels across the company were high.

The solution

All Points conducted a POP survey across all 1,800 branches. POP hardware specifics were identified for each branch, which were then captured in a POP database developed and maintained by All Points. In addition All Points set up a customer service line, enabling the branches to update their POP information on an ongoing basis and freeing valuable time for the marketing department.

All Points now provides Top 10 U.S. Bank POP print quantities for each fixture type, across regional or system wide campaigns. That means each branch receives exactly what they need.

The result

All Points significantly impacted Top 10 Bank’s bottom line by:

Reducing Top 10 U.S. Bank’s printing budget by 30%

Reducing shipping costs by 15%

Freeing one head count by eliminating POP customer service calls

Removing monthly program headaches by providing an integrated system managed by All Points

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