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General Questions

How do I get started with All Points? What's the onboarding process?

What types of products can All Points handle?

Do my products need to be insured?

What training do your staff undergo for handling products?

What is your policy on sustainability and eco-friendly practices?

Do you have any case studies or testimonials from other clients?

Can I get a dedicated account manager for my business?


Do you handle returns?

What carriers do you use?

Do you offer international shipping?

Do you offer same-day shipping?

How do you manage peak seasons or high-demand periods?

How do you handle products that are damaged in transit?


Can I use my own packaging?

How do you handle fragile products?

Do you offer promotional inserts or custom packaging for special campaigns?


Are your facilities climate controlled?

How do you ensure product security in your facilities?

Can I visit and inspect the facility before signing up?


How quickly will it take for the system to update inventory and order numbers?

Can I integrate my e-commerce platform with your system?

Do you provide real-time tracking for shipped products?

Can I set up automated reordering for products that run low in inventory?

billing and costs

What are the fees for kitting & special projects?

How does billing work?

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