Tensar Earth Technologies

Innovative Geogrid and Geosynthetic Solutions

Tensar is a full-service provider of specialty products and engineering services. Their products and services are used in the cost-effective development of commercial, residential, industrial and municipal sites, as well as in transportation infrastructure. They specialize in site development solutions for common earthwork problems such as grade changes requiring retaining walls and poor foundation conditions affecting the cost of pavements, parking lots or building structures.

The challenge

A complex distribution structure that is spread out across the country. Tensar has Company Reps, licensees, and also a single customer that accounts for 20% of gross revenues.  They are always printing new literature and collateral and it is difficult to coordinate the effort with the disparate systems in place. In addition to that, freight costs were considered part of the business.

The solution

All Points set up an online ordering system that eliminates the need for administration. We provide detailed reporting of all orders. We set up Max and Min order levels to assure that business rules were followed. This frees up the marketing department. Their time is better spent on activities such as creative then it is performing menial tasks such as entering data into spreadsheets. We launched the site in November of 2002. The site is accessed by 3 separate levels of users.

The result

Costs have decreased significantly. Two full time employees previously dedicated to fulfillment have been able to assume more responsibilities as a result of the time that has been freed up. Product turn has increased as well.

All Points works with the clients to provide solutions to fundamental business issues.

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