ABC's 25 Days of Christmas Fulfillment Program

ABC, the American Broadcasting Corporation, stands as a cornerstone in the U.S. media landscape, with a rich history dating back to its founding in 1943. Renowned for its diverse and influential programming, ABC has been a leading provider of news, entertainment, and cultural content to audiences across the nation. As a major network within the Walt Disney Company, ABC remains a powerhouse, delivering compelling television experiences that have shaped American broadcasting for decades.

The challenge

In 2005, the ABC television network had its ABC Family 25 Days of Christmas Fulfillment Program which was developed by an Atlanta, GA based promotions agency.  The agency had developed a unique program that had considerable complexity to it. 

The target audiences included Cable affiliates who signed up on web site to participate in the sweepstakes promotion.  The project also included 2 programs/versions – Local Ad Sales (LAS) and CSR. The summary of the sweepstakes component included System ID Number assigned by client, P.O.P. (affiliate submitted quantity and this included a Santa P.O.P., “Enter Here” P.O.P., 3 ornaments, 1 large foam block, 1 small foam block and 3 elastic strings to adhere ornaments). 

Each P.O.P. received 2 window clings, 10 staff buttons, 4 packages of entry forms, assembly / Instruction Sheet – 1 per P.O.P., promotional mailer label (for exterior of box), Official Rules – 1 per kit, introductory letter - 1 per kit, Beta tape of spots – affiliate to submit quantity, loop (VHS or DVD, determined by affiliate as well as quantity) and prize sticker for sweepstakes versions only (affiliate selects prize) – 25 different versions of stickers.  The other version included a “non-sweepstakes version.

The solution

Orders were uploaded into our system and verified. Each kit received a variable amount of POP kits, staff buttons and table tents. Once the orders were approved, the orders were given to our production team to begin fulfillment. Orders were fulfilled by one person, packed by a second and verified by a third for quality control purposes. 

For the CSR Program, kits were sent to call centers as an internal incentive program.  The centers were divided up into tiers based on call volume and revenue generated.  There were three prize tiers. Components included window clings, posters - 3 versions based on tier of prizes, programming tent cards, car air fresheners, $50 visa cards – 4 per kit, instruction sheet – 3 versions based on prize tier, tax acknowledgement letter, 9 versions based on prize tier and Rules.   Each kit received a variable amount of posters, tent cards and air fresheners based on the number of employees at the call center and picked-n-packed using the same quality control methods. 

We then prepared a Return Mailer Kit which was sent to all Local Ad Sales participants that received the Sweepstakes version of the kit.  The purpose is to send in all sweepstakes entries gathered. The components included 2 Envelope for sweepstakes entry forms and 2 Return labels – marked with affiliate code assigned during LAS mailings.

For the back-end Fulfillment, All Points received product for the 25 prize options for both the LAS and CSR kits.  These prizes include 26” TVs, iPod packages, Home Theater Systems, digital cameras and printers and Cuisinart kitchen appliances to name a few.  Once the winners were verified and the prize affidavits received by the client, the orders for fulfillment of the prizes were then provided to All Points.

Inventory for the two programs are set up independently of each other with separate Order Management Systems.  The inventory is received under the appropriate program and item number.  Each item is then labeled with the item number and stored in a secured area until fulfillment of the prize.

Each order is to receive a program specific letter and an outer carton sticker. Once the order has shipped, e-mail confirmations are sent to the client and the recipient.

The result

In 2005, ABC's 25 Days of Christmas Fulfillment Program, crafted by an Atlanta-based agency, targeted cable affiliates for a sweepstakes promotion. The program featured two versions: Local Ad Sales (LAS) and Customer Service Representative (CSR). Each participating affiliate received a comprehensive Point of Purchase (P.O.P.) kit, including promotional items like a Santa P.O.P., ornaments, window clings, staff buttons, entry forms, and a variety of marketing materials. The sweepstakes version included 25 different prize stickers, while a non-sweepstakes version was also available. This multifaceted approach showcased ABC’s commitment to engaging affiliates in a dynamic promotional campaign.

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