Ciba Vision

Promotional Game Enhanced

All Points was approached by a Promotional Marketing Agency to partner with them to make Ciba’s latest promotional game a success. Ciba Vision is a prominent eye care company specializing in innovative contact lenses and vision products.

The challenge

The ultimate goal of the program was to persuade Eye Care Professionals to choose Ciba’s lenses over those of competitors Johnson & Johnson and Bausch & Lomb. 

To do so the Agency created a contest whereby participants were awarded game pieces for lenses sold. These game pieces contained prizes such as a new car, trips to Vegas, cameras, and instant winners of $5 and $10. All told 52,000 checks were printed for the duration of the contest.

All Points was informed that the game had failed the previous year due to inconsistencies in the data. The fact was that out of 73,000 ECP approximately 3000 were participating in the program. CIBA did not discern between participants and non-participants when producing sales data. Instead data came in raw and formulas had to be written to extrapolate the participant data.

The solution

All Points wrote the formulas to manipulate the data. The result was being able to turn raw data into shipping of game pieces in a matter of hours.

The second phase of the program involved collecting all the instant win tickets, logging them into a database, and then fulfilling checks out to the winners. All Points was trusted to perform this task. The results were audited and returned to CIBA.

The result

All Points Packaging and Distribution significantly contributed to the success of Ciba Vision's promotional game, aimed at boosting preference for Ciba's lenses among Eye Care Professionals. The initial challenge was the project's previous failure due to data inconsistencies. All Points developed formulas to accurately sort participant data from raw sales information, enabling efficient processing and distribution of game pieces for the contest.

Their management extended to overseeing instant win tickets, ensuring precise database entries and timely distribution of prizes. This meticulous approach led to a surge in sales and a flawless execution of the campaign. Ciba Vision acknowledged this success with commendation letters and opted to repeat the program the following year, highlighting All Points’ pivotal role in transforming a struggling promotion into a successful campaign.

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