Crafting Refreshment With Purpose

Dasani is a renowned bottled water brand owned by The Coca-Cola Company, known for its commitment to delivering crisp, purified water and promoting hydration with a focus on sustainability.

The challenge

Coca-Cola launched a national campaign to promote a new product. This was Coke’s first bottled water product and they wanted it specifically targeted at women. An integral part of the campaign was an FSI redemption promotion run through all major Sunday Newspapers nationwide. Coke promised consumers a $55 bath and beauty kit with the purchase of three six-packs of Dasani water. They estimated 10,000 responses. Within a couple of weeks it became apparent that the response rate was going to exceed expectations. All told 140,000 consumers responded. The budget for the project had to be approved by the President of Coke USA.

The solution

All Points was chosen as the fulfillment partner for this high-profile launch. This meant the warehousing, assembling, and distribution of 140,000 kits.

We realize that we are an extension of the brand. We work proactively with our clients to make sure that the experience of the consumer is as positive as possible. All Points was responsible for managing the database and for all returns as well as all white mail (Complaints/Issues) received.

The result

All Points assembled and shipped 140,000 kits in a period of 12 days.

We recommended a change in box size and style, which resulted in a cost savings as well as a better cosmetic look.

We returned to Coke a clean database that could then be used to market back to these same consumers.

We eliminated the need to tie up internal resources to manage the Customer Service process.

We received letters of commendation from Coca-Cola for the successful fulfillment of the project.

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