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Microsoft Xbox, a gaming powerhouse, revolutionizes interactive entertainment with its cutting-edge consoles, including the Xbox Series X|S, and a robust lineup of exclusive and third-party games. Renowned for its Xbox Game Pass subscription service, offering a vast library of titles, and the innovative Xbox Cloud Gaming, Microsoft Xbox continues to shape the gaming landscape with a commitment to technological excellence and diverse gaming experiences.

The challenge

Microsoft’s business is built around the consumer experience. Microsoft has committed to the Gaming Sector. Xbox is Microsoft’s answer to Sony’s PlayStation. It is critical for Microsoft to gain market share in a market that is extremely proprietary. In order to do gain market share, Microsoft must ensure the customer experience is positive from start to finish.

The solution

Microsoft did an exhaustive study and chose All Points to handle the rollout of the beta versions of their latest and greatest games. Selection criteria were based on All Points’ ability to meet drop-dead ship dates, manage all customer service requests, manipulate large databases, and most importantly reacting to changes on the fly.

The result

All Points shipped 12,000 Football 2003 kits each containing discs and headsets to the initial beta users in Phase I. Phase II involved shipments to another 25,000 users. Phase III was re-shipment of a final disc to all 37,000 previous users in a three day time frame. Out of 84,000 shipments there were a total of 55 issues. 53 of the 55 were freight related. Microsoft has come to expect this type of performance from All Points. This level of service has had a positive effect on the consumer experience. All Points is a seamless partner to the point of the consumer not even being aware that the fulfillment is being outsourced. Microsoft’s goal is to find partners that have the same level of commitment to excellence as they have displayed for so many years.

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