Many marketing strategies are now much more focused on digital channels, but print marketing continues to be essential. This focus and change in investment strategies means that businesses no longer have sufficient technology and resources to properly manage essential print marketing in-house. This is where print fulfillment handled by 3PL companies becomes invaluable.

What Are Print Fulfillment Services?

Print fulfillment is the process in which printed materials are produced, stored, and distributed as required. It’s a service typically outsourced to a specialist provider who has perfected the process. A print fulfillment specialist (like All Points) handles the entire lifecycle of the printed product, from order placement to final delivery. 

Is A Print Fulfillment Service Different To A Print On Demand Service?

Print fulfillment and print-on-demand services have many similarities, and the names are often used interchangeably. There are, however, a couple of differences between these two options.

Print-on-demand refers specifically to the production of items only when an order is received. Print fulfillment, on the other hand, whilst it sometimes includes on-demand printing, also  considers storage, packaging, and shipping. 

Print fulfillment services can manage larger volumes and more complex distribution needs for in demand products, as well as being more reactive in creating tailored print products and kitting.

The Benefits Of Print Fulfillment Services

Why should businesses who use print marketing be exploring options for print fulfillment?

Access To High Quality Resources

Many businesses with well-rounded marketing strategies have leaned heavily into digital channels. This means that fewer businesses have in-house facilities capable of handling high-quality printing at scale.

Using print fulfillment services offers a fast and efficient option for creating and distributing marketing materials, without investment in technology. Accessing diverse printing options can otherwise be a resource-consuming process involving ordering from various suppliers and kitting in-house.


Having a single location or single partner handle all aspects of order fulfillment provides the benefit of centralized management. 

This approach ensures that all printed materials are consistently produced and distributed according to brand standards. 

It simplifies logistics, reduces the potential for errors, and ensures a uniform approach to quality control. 

Centralized management also allows for better tracking and reporting, providing insights into the performance and efficiency of your print campaigns.

Single Point For Billing

Similarly, print fulfillment from a single partner can simplify the financial aspects of producing and distributing printed materials. 

Traditionally, businesses might have managed design agencies, multiple printing companies, kitting specialists and delivery services separately. This takes a toll in terms of both time and cost.

By consolidating all services under a single provider, businesses benefit from a streamlined billing process. This means you receive one comprehensive invoice for all services, reducing administrative burdens and making it easier to manage budgets and expenses.

Faster Turnaround

Speed is often critical in business, and print fulfillment services can significantly reduce turnaround times for print projects of all sizes.

3PL companies like All Points have perfected their printing and distribution processes, and have the expertise and resources to handle large volumes of work and custom products efficiently. This makes it possible to scale projects up or down as needed without timescales suffering.

With consistent high quality output and pre-established relationships with delivery partners, external fulfillment partners can ensure that your printed materials are produced and delivered quickly, meeting tight deadlines and helping you respond quickly to campaign needs and customer demands.

Cost Effective Option

In-house printing can require substantial upfront investment for equipment, materials and shipping costs. Print fulfillment services absorb many of these initial costs.

Third party services have access to high end printers and printing materials, teams trained for design and kitting, and even distribution specialists to ensure a campaign’s rollout is seamless. 

For businesses that regularly need promotional materials and distribution to clients, the cost-saving potential of using print fulfillment services can offer enormous benefits not just financially but in terms of required personnel and shipping costs.

Professional Kitting

Kitting refers to the process of assembling various printed materials into a single package. It’s used by companies who need consistency in the materials sent out or those who need to send campaign materials to various locations.

Professional kitting services ensure that all essential printed collateral is accurately packaged and delivered. 

Choosing A Partner For Print Fulfillment

Selecting the right print fulfillment partner is crucial to maximizing the benefits of these services. 

Here are some key considerations:

Reputation and Experience

Evaluate potential partners based on their industry reputation and track record. An experienced provider with positive reviews and testimonials is more likely to deliver reliable, high-quality services.

Look at things like case studies to identify where and how these established 3PL businesses have already transformed companies just like yours.

Range of Services

Consider the range of services offered by the print fulfillment provider. A comprehensive offering including design, printing, storage, and shipping, ensures that all your needs are met under one roof, simplifying management and coordination. 

Larger, more experienced 3PL companies, like All Points are able to adapt to suit your needs for fulfillment.

Technology and Equipment

Ensure that the provider uses state-of-the-art technology and equipment

Advanced printing techniques and high-quality materials are essential for producing professional and durable printed materials.

Technology for distribution also helps with visibility and maintaining a high service level.

Customer Service

Responsive and proactive customer service is vital. A provider that offers excellent support can address any issues promptly and ensure smooth operations. Look for a partner who values communication and transparency.

Cost and Flexibility

While cost is an important factor, it should be weighed against the quality and range of services offered. Flexibility in terms of order sizes, turnaround times, and customisation options can be critical, especially for businesses with varying needs.


In conclusion, while digital marketing dominates many strategies, print marketing remains essential, and print fulfillment services offer a vital solution. These services ensure high-quality production, storage, and distribution of printed materials, providing consistency, cost-effectiveness, and faster turnaround times. By partnering with a reputable and experienced 3PL company, businesses can streamline their print marketing efforts, achieve professional results, and focus on their core activities without the need for significant in-house investment.

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