Understanding 3PL Logistics

3PL outsourcing includes Amazon fulfillment in addition to inventory management and warehousing. 3PLs provide support to eCommerce enterprises by automating retail order fulfillment.Amazon merchants are familiar with Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA).

Amazon is the world's largest 3PL company that uses Amazon's infrastructure to fulfill eCommerce orders for other businesses.This involves shipping your products to Amazon Warehouse through the FBA program, and Amazon can deal with and handle everything else. However, as appealing as this service is, FBA selling is not the all-encompassing logistical solution you thought it was.

The Appeal of 3PL Logistics

Right now, we want to convince you to use a 3PL instead of shipping directly to Amazon FBA facilities. This is because its features are more appealing in a variety of ways, such as:

1) The Comparable Charges

Amazon's fulfillment costs are continuing to grow. Amazon FBA fees increased by 20% in 18 months in 2021. Independent Amazon 3PL transportation providers could mitigate this by not charging peak fees and maintaining consistent total storage prices. Many 3PL warehouse providers, such as Eva, have in-house fulfillment infrastructures and are eager to assist with the shipment.Unlike Amazon FBA, your 3PL is likely to be invested in your company's success. For this, you are encouraged to be a collaborator, not just a job order.

2)The Inventory Management

Astute sellers adapt to changing shopping habits in order to remain competitive.Some FBA sellers must transport a considerable number of items to an Amazon fulfillment center. Giving up bodily control of their wares causes them to slow down and perform poorly.Access to your inventory gives you a lot of options, especially during busy buying seasons. Consider whether these changes can be done in-house or through a 3PL logistics partner.

Participating in Seller Fulfilled Prime (SFP) is another way to keep inventories under control and sell to Prime members.These Amazon merchants employ a third-party fulfillment provider. This gives the merchant complete control over the supply chain. It handles prices and delivery times more effectively, resulting in satisfied customers.

3) The Customization

Amazon, as the world's largest logistics company, processes a multitude of daily orders. This is one of their weaknesses.Amazon's logistics must be efficient in order for it to manage this volume efficiently. Unless you pay a premium, all items are packaged, wrapped, and dispatched in the same manner.If you want to stand out, replace "Amazon" with your company's name. Branded packaging, gifting, and other changes to your fulfillment process may help you stand out.The bulk of white-labeled logistics solutions provided by 3PL providers allows you to tailor your order. These conditions should be met by your 3PL. This includes the branding of your company on the box, packaging material, personalized inserts, and so on.

4)The Improved Service

As a retailer, you want to resolve your problem quickly with someone who doesn't know your firm, its history, or your expectations. For this reason, consider a 3PL with a customer-centric strategy. Typical third-party logistics companies have skilled customer service personnel on the distribution floor. Because of your solid working relationship, your customer service agent will most likely become your advocate in the 3PL's distribution facility.


Now, you have more opportunities to get closer to your customers. As an Amazon retailer, you want to be as reliable and as outstanding as you can be. With 3PL logistics, you are bound to go above and beyond the service that your customers want. Are you looking for 3PL fulfillment services? All Points offers professional and reliable services for the needs of your business. To know more, get in touch with us today!

All Points offers professional and reliable services for the needs of your business.

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