1. They Expand Your Customer Base Globally

With the help of a third-party logistics provider, you can expand your customer base to include customers worldwide. This is especially important if you sell products in niche markets or those only popular in certain countries.

By using a 3PL provider to handle shipping, you can reduce the costs associated with shipping and customs regulations, allowing you to offer your products at a lower price point than competitors. That way, you can attract customers from other countries, and when those customers become repeat buyers, it helps you increase revenue.

2. They Allow You to Scale Your Supply Chain More Easily

 Businesses are prone to market fluctuations, especially in eCommerce, where trends can shift within an hour. If you’re not prepared for these changes, keeping up with demand and maintaining a steady flow of new customers can be difficult. Using a3PL provider will help you scale your supply chain quickly and easily without worrying about complex logistics issues like warehouse space, shipping vehicles, and overhead costs.

3. They Have Excellent Supply Chain Management

The best third-party logistics providers (3PL) have an excellent supply chain management system to help you manage your inventory, shipping, and fulfillment processes. This can be especially beneficial if you’re a new business just starting out or need to expand your operations quickly.

4. They Have Better Access to Technology 

3PL providers invest in technology that helps them run more efficiently and effectively than most businesses. They have access to the latest software and hardware and experts who can help you get started with your own technology.

5. You Can Expand Your Business Everywhere

When you use third-party logistics as a tool for your business, you can expand your business anywhere in the world. This means that if you were looking to expand into other countries or regions, then this would be a great way to do so.

Because they have connections all over the world, they are able to help you get your product out there into other markets. This is one of the best ways to increase your customer base and ensure that everyone has access to your products, no matter where they live or what language they speak.


We all want to provide our customers with the best possible service and experience. But it’s impossible to do that without the right tools and resources. The right logistics partner can help you make the most of those resources and provide your customers with a better experience, which means more sales. If you need a 3rd party fulfillment services provider, All Points can help. A leading 3PL provider, we’ve built our business on providing full-service fulfillment solutions for businesses of all sizes.

We can handle everything from order picking and packing to shipping and returns processing, so you don’t have to worry about anything except growing your business.

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