Introduction: The 3PL Imperative in Hotel Management

When it comes to hotels many people overlook the small items that enhance their stay. All of the soaps, scrubs and shampoos at your disposal don’t just magically appear before each guest. These were more than likely shipped in from a distributor, kitted and stored on site.

On the management side of things, these small amenities can be a logistical nightmare. In the ever-expanding hotel market, standing out from the crowd is more critical than ever. Providing great service isn't just about being friendly; it's made up of details that guests don't see but can feel. From making sure that necessary items like toiletries are always available to making sure that branded marketing materials arrive on time, the devil is in the details. Trying to do all of this on your own while managing your hotel can be a daunting and challenging operation.

This is where a trusted Third-Party Logistics (3PL) partner like All Points can be very important. Let's look into how and why it all works.

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Essentials: Toiletries, Linens, and F&B

Kitting the Essentials

Kitting is all about bringing together various items into one package for the sake of efficiency and convenience. Think of it like a pre-assembled toolkit—everything you need for a specific task or purpose, all in one place. hen it comes to kitting services for a hotel, the types of items that can be bundled together are numerous and can be highly customized to fit the hotel's brand and the guests' needs. Basic kits might include standard toiletries like shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and a bar of soap. However, more luxurious kits could feature high-end organic skincare products, specialized haircare items, and even bath salts or bath oils for a spa-like experience. Don't forget about dental kits with toothpaste and a toothbrush, or even shaving kits with razors and cream. For an eco-friendly approach, reusable bottles and biodegradable items could be included. Custom kits could also go beyond the bathroom to include things like a coffee or tea setup, snacks, or even a "good night" kit featuring herbal tea and sleep-inducing sprays (these are the best) or lotions.

Example from : R&R Essentials

Kitting Benefits


Different rooms have different needs. A suite might require higher-end toiletries, bathrobes, and maybe even a bottle of champagne. A standard room might just need the basics. Kitting allows for this customization easily. A 3PL could assemble kits tailored for suites, standard rooms, and other types of accommodations, allowing housekeeping to simply grab the right kit without having to think twice.

Seasonal or Event-based Kits

Say there's a major conference or sports event in town. The hotel could request special kits containing items like city guides, event schedules, or even themed snacks. This enhances the guest experience and sets the hotel apart.


The housekeeping staff doesn't have to waste time gathering individual items. They grab a kit and go. This makes room turnovers faster, which is key during high occupancy rates or quick check-in/check-out scenarios.

Error Reduction

When things are hectic, it's easy to forget an item or two. Pre-assembled kits minimize these kinds of errors. Each kit has what's needed, ensuring uniformity and completeness in what's provided in each room.

Inventory Management

It's easier to track inventory when items are bundled into kits. For instance, if you've got 200 standard room kits and 50 suite kits, you know exactly what you have and what you need to reorder. This makes life simpler for both the hotel and the 3PL managing the inventory.

Cost Savings

While there's a cost to the kitting service itself, the time saved on the hotel's end, coupled with the reduction in errors, could lead to overall cost savings.

Marketing Materials: Brochures, Welcome Kits, and Promos

Branding Consistency

Marketing materials represent your brand's commitment to guests. A brochure of your amenities or a VIP welcome kit-these should be printed in the highest quality. All Points Printing services can make this happen. These products can be stored and assembled into kits by a 3PL, assuring brand consistency.

Promotional Cycles

Hotels often roll out seasonal promotions or event-based offers. A 3PL can manage the logistics of storing, assembling, and even updating these promotional materials, making sure you hit the right audience at the right time, without having to sweat the logistical details.

How This Adds Up: The Impact on Guest Experience

Guests value reliability and luxury when high-quality basics and on-brand marketing materials are always available. Operational efficiency allows your employees to focus on visitor experience, where hospitality shines.


Your Go-To Partner: All Points understands the expectations of hotel guests and the need for attention to detail. Our comprehensive range of services is designed to meet the unique needs of the hotel industry. We manage the details so you can focus on delivering the unforgettable guest experiences that will keep people coming back. With a partner like all points you no longer need to juggle multiple vendors or get tangled in logistical complexities. Let the pros handle the complexities of a supply chain while you do what you do best: hosting guest.

To learn more about how All Points can help your hotel fulfill their essential items and marketing materials contact us.

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