So, you're starting to sell on Amazon or seriously considering taking that plunge. No small feat, for sure! One aspect you might have come across in your research is something called FBA Prep Services. With the myriad of things to consider in the vast ecommerce terrain, it may seem overwhelming, especially when trying to discern if these services are something you need and from where. You might be tempted to simply use Amazon's FBA Prep Services because, well, it's Amazon. However, we're here to tell you that although going with Amazon may seem like the convenient route, it's certainly not the most cost-effective or efficient option for proactive ecommerce businesses like yours.

Understanding the Basics: What are FBA Prep Services?

As an e-commerce business owner, you may well be asking yourself: just what are FBA prep services? Essentially, FBA, or Fulfillment by Amazon, prep services are all about ensuring that your products conform to Amazon's standards and listing requirements before they reach the Amazon FBA warehouses. These services prep and ship your products to Amazon warehouses, where they're typically stored until a customer buys your product off Amazon.

Key tasks in FBA prep typically include:

● product inspection

● labeling

● poly bagging

● packaging

● inventory reconciliation

Any merchant participating in the Amazon FBA program who wants to streamline their inventory management and reduce the risks of non-compliance with Amazon's rules can benefit from an FBA prep service. The rules and guidelines for FBA are stringent and detailed, which is where FBA prep services really shine.

Poly bagging and packaging products may sound simple, but new customers of FBA prep are often surprised at how intricate the rules are for selling products through the giant online retailer. It's harder than you think to get everything correctly prepared. For example, certain products must be bagged or wrapped, and others need specific labels. Get it wrong, and your FBA business will face additional costs. (Yes, there are penalty fees for not preparing everything just right.)

Companies that offer prep services for FBA, like third-party logistics providers, are often experts in these tasks and systems whereas Amazon sellers are just learning the ropes. Companies with FBA prep can manage them faster than you can in-house and do it more accurately thanks to their advanced technology and warehouse management systems.

If you go with Amazon FBA prep services—that is, FBA prep services offered by the ecommerce giant itself—the prep and ship happens at FBA prep centers. Staff at the Amazon FBA prep centers perform these same tasks before shipping your prepped items off to Amazon warehouses and Amazon's fulfillment centers.

So while you may not relish the thought of paying for something you think you can handle yourself, FBA prep services prove their worth. Using these services can significantly reduce the time and resources that you need to spend on the mundane aspects of inventory prep, allowing you to focus on what really matters—growing your business. When it comes to costs, these services are often quite affordable, especially considering the potentially significant time savings and the peace of mind they bring. Pricing will usually depend on factors such as the number and type of items you need prepped.

Unleashing the Power of FBA Prep Services for Your Business

Embracing FBA prep services can prove instrumental in taking your e-commerce business to the next level. Choosing to employ an FBA prep service, as opposed to handling these pivotal tasks in-house, offers numerous benefits that align perfectly with the ambitious objectives of your ecommerce business.

Firstly, a significant advantage is the immense saving of time. In-house preparation for Amazon FBA can be an intricate, time-consuming process, consuming substantial human resources. By delegating these responsibilities to an FBA prep service, whether it's Amazon FBA prep or a 3PL that offers these services, your team becomes free to focus on strategic functions such as marketing, consumer engagement, and business growth instead of worrying about the platform's strict rules.

The second equally crucial benefit is the considerable reduction in errors. FBA prep services are experts in Amazon's rules and regulations. Their experience and expertise eliminate common mistakes that could potentially lead to product returns, bad reviews, or even seller account suspension. This not only safeguards your reputation but also keeps operations running smoothly. Even better, they maintain quality control with a fast turnaround honed with their years of experience.

Thirdly, you can significantly reduce storage issues and costs. When using an FBA prep service, you can ship your products directly to their fulfillment centers, as you would with an Amazon prep center. They prepare and forward your inventory to Amazon, removing the need for you to store large quantities of products. This keeps the process cost effective for you. This prevents excesses in inventory, saving warehouse costs, and mitigating associated risks.

Lastly, the flexibility of using an FBA prep service cannot be overstated. This becomes particularly relevant during peak seasons when sales volumes surge. A capable FBA prep service can easily scale operations to meet the increased demand, eliminating delays and ensuring customer satisfaction.

Overall, these key benefits mirror the fundamental requirements of a thriving ecommerce business: efficiency, accuracy, cost-effectiveness, and scalability. Hence, placing your trust in an FBA prep service can steer your business towards success.

Why All Points 3PL Outshines Amazon's FBA Prep Services

But why choose All Points 3PL over Amazon's own FBA prep services? Choosing a 3PL provider with FBA prep services such as All Points can prove to be a more beneficial decision for Amazon sellers in several ways. To begin with, 3PL providers offer more personalized service, tailoring their processes to fit your specific needs. They have the capacity to handle a wide variety of scenarios, offering flexibility, personalization, and a host of additional services that Amazon's FBA prep service may not.

3PL companies like All Points are experienced in handling different types of products and can provide specialized prep services, something that a "one-size-fits-all" model like Amazon FBA prep may not be able to cater to. This gives your business the advantage of detailed attention to the specific handling requirements of your products.

3PLs for Omni-channel Sellers

But 3PLs really shine because you're probably not just an Amazon business. You want to be selling through your website and making money on multiple sales channels. That's exactly where a 3PL excels. These businesses, like All Points, know ecommerce fulfillment backward and forward, so they're able to offer you fulfillment services for sales through your website in addition to prep for your FBA business.

Yes, it's a better experience to work with one team that knows your products intimately. But there's more to it than that. Instead of shipping products to your 3PL and prep centers run by Amazon, you'll save by sending them all to one location. The 3PL will act as your FBA prep center while streamlining your ecommerce orders with their fulfillment services that leverage advanced shipping tools.

Moreover, apart from FBA prep, 3PL providers also offer inventory management services to help you manage stock levels, track items, fulfill orders, and essentially streamline the entire supply chain from end-to-end. Such comprehensive solutions may not be feasible if you were to solely rely on Amazon FBA prep services.

From a cost perspective, by integrating both your shipping and prep services with a single partner like All Points, you can actually save on operational costs. They can leverage their relationships and bulk purchasing power with shipping companies to get you discounted rates, which you may not have access to when working directly with Amazon.

Wrapping It Up

While you might be tempted to send your products directly to an FBA prep center run by Amazon, a 3PL is the smarter choice if you want to make sales on multiple channels. A 3PL partner like All Points takes care of all the back-and-forth with Amazon—including all aspects of the fulfillment process, like shipping and inventory management—ensuring that everything meets Amazon's guidelines. This frees up valuable internal resources, enabling your team to focus on your core business competencies. This strategic decision provides you operational effectiveness, cost savings, and definitely an added peace of mind.


In conclusion, as you embark on your journey into selling on Amazon, the decision regarding FBA prep services is crucial. While Amazon's own FBA prep services might seem like the convenient option, considering third-party logistics providers like All Points 3PL can offer numerous advantages. These include personalized service, specialized handling for various products, and the ability to cater to multi-channel selling needs. By entrusting your FBA prep and fulfillment to a 3PL, you not only save time and reduce errors but also gain cost efficiencies and peace of mind. Ultimately, partnering with a 3PL aligns with the strategic objectives of growing your ecommerce business efficiently and effectively.

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